First Grade

Mrs. DiBello and Mrs. Hall

Welcome to FIRST GRADE! We hope you are as excited about this upcoming school year as we are! You are the most important person in your child’s life and we ask that we work together to ensure their success in the classroom. Working together as a team, we are confident we can help your child achieve success! Here are a few things that we think you will find helpful to start the year.


Lake Par Procedures

School starts at 8:55am and ends at 3:25pm each day. 1st Grade classrooms are in the 200 wing. In the morning you will gather in the 200 wing hallway (remember do not come to school before 8:40am).  Dismissal will take place from the Kindergarten door.


Snack Time

Each morning we will provide a “working snack time” for your child.  We encourage you to please send healthy food items (such as 100 calorie snack packs, pretzels, carrot sticks, apple, etc.) that can be easily eaten at your child’s desk while he or she is working.  Please remember that it is a quick snack and students will eat lunch at 12:30.  We will also provide students with a snack time on early dismissal days. 

New this year the whole school will be “peanut free” during snack time.  So, please do not send any peanut products.  Just so you know we are aware of all allergies within our classrooms.  There will also be times when special treats are distributed as part of a unit of study and all allergy restrictions will be adhered to at this time.



Birthdays are always an exciting time for our students.  Every student may have a small birthday party in school.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at theend of the school year.  You may send in a treat to celebrate your child’s special day such as cupcakes or munchkins (no nuts and no cakes with knives).  Napkins are always helpful and if you wish to send in juice please send juice boxes.  Please be sure to include a treat for all students.  We know your child’s birthday is special to you and your family but as a friendly reminder it is only a celebration with classmates, no family.  Thank you for your understanding.  Additionally, students will only be allowed to pass-out birthday party invitations if there is one for each student.   


Take Home Folder

Our P.T.A. has generously supplied each student with a take home folder, which is to be brought home and returned to school daily.  If you have any messages for the school or myself, please put them in this folder and it will be monitored daily.



Students will have homework Monday through Thursday and will be homework free on “Fabulous Friday”.  Please make sure your child completes their homework each night. 

Here are some helpful homework tips, which would be beneficial to read with your child, as we will also be discussing them in school.

Homework Tips:

  1. Bring home everything needed.

  2. Plan a daily homework time.

  3. Choose a quiet place to work.

  4. Write your name on all papers.

  5. Read and follow all directions.

  6. Do work neatly and carefully.

  7. Ask for help if needed, but do the work alone.

  8. Check your work.

  9. Put your homework back in your take home folder.

  10. Return your homework on time and be sure to hand it in.



During the school year we will have the following specials schedule:

  Mrs. DiBello Mrs. Hall
Monday Music & Media PE (wear sneakers)
Tuesday PE (wear sneakers) Music
Wednesday   PE (wear sneakers) & Media
Thursday PE (wear sneakers)
& Art


School and Home Reading

Throughout the school day there may be times when your child finishes work quickly.  Although I have lots of activities for them to do it would also be beneficial for them to have a picture or early chapter book suitable for their level in their desk. Starting in October, each Friday your child will bring home various books (at his/her level) to read orally with the help from a parent. To help build fluency and expression along with comprehension our suggestion is to read the book a few times throughout the week. Also with the help of a parent each student will complete a short book report that should be written in his or her handwriting! Please return both the book and book report the following Friday..

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you need to contact either of us for any reason, please feel free to do so at school at (973) 428-7572 or via e-mail at or Once again thank you for all of your help in making this the best school year for our students.

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